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Greetings, My Fellow Dips

July 10, 2011 by admin

Okay, yes, I admit…I’m starting yet another blog. But this one’s different, I swear! I promise I’m not falling into old, obsessive behavior. I will not obsessively post or tweet or anything. No. This blog is not a dysfunctional relationship blog, or a blog about my writing, or my family, or even my endless To Do list. No! This blog is about….

Plain and simple (or possibly creamy and luscious) DIPS. It looks like that should be an acronym. It’s not, but I did try to come up with something. I’m thinking: D.I.P.S. Dipping Into Potential Succulence could be one.


Anyway, I’m doing a year of dips, and since I am a dip, this should come naturally to me. And, no, I’m not doing 365 dips. I’m trying NOT to obsess, remember? I’m doing 1 dip a week. Just one dip a week. I’ll try out recipes, post pictures, and give feedback on said dip. I expect some of them will be awful, because I’m pulling recipes from all over: from vintage cookbooks to your crazy Aunt Betty’s Famous Shrimp Surprise Dip. (If someone has an actual recipe like that, I want it.) Got a dip you’ve wanted to try but don’t want to waste the money on it in case it’s terrible? Send it to me!


Give me your salty, your sweet, your shockingly high in calorie dip recipe, and I will attempt to make it.


Hopefully, some of these will be good so that you can stop here if you need to find something to bring to a party that people will actually want to eat.


And that’s it. One year of dips prepared for you by a dip. Bring it on. And bring some pretzels and bagel chips and baguettes too.

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