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Introducing a “Lift” for the Dip Blog

September 1, 2012 by admin

I’ve had almost a full year of dips and I’m still going with those BUT I also wanted to expand the blog a little. Many of you know I’m also obsessed with balls. And logs. And loaves too. (But “loaves” just didn’t work in the new blog title.) I think I was inspired by this:



And then there was the infamous Facebook conversation which ended with my mother-in-law talking about how much she’d like to put some balls in her mouth. These were olive balls and that was a totally legitimate statement, but taken out of context, it’s comedy GOLD.

So. I now present my newly revamped site: Dips, Balls, and Logs Blog. If it can be dipped, dunked, licked, plunked and appears in ball, log, or cream form, I can post it here.

May this help you have delicious and slightly awkward gatherings.


  1. Hey, I like it! I’m always looking for recipes like this and I love the humor that comes out in your blog.

    Plus, we use the same template which means our blogs are like, cousins or something. Distant cousins. Who blog about completely different topics. But cousins nevertheless!

  2. Roxanne Victor says:

    Everything I love in one place! Squeal!

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