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  1. Dip #4 — Santorini Dip (Greek Dip)

    July 29, 2011 by admin

    This recipe comes from writer and foodie Meg Holmes who, one day last summer, created the dip using what she had in her fridge. I’m glad she didn’t use everything in her fridge, because then it would probably have corn in it and Red Bull or something.

    She calls it “Santorini Dip” because she’s always wanted to visit there. I didn’t know what Santorini was, but I thought it might be a dance. Close. It’s in Greece. And here’s a picture.


    8oz plain Greek yogurt

    6-8oz crumbled feta

    3 cloves garlic, minced

    3 TBS chopped fresh dill

    sea salt/black pepper to taste

    (Meg also adds a tiny squeeze of lemon sometimes, but it’s not necessary)



    Add the Greek yogurt and feta into a bowl. Chop the garlic and dill. Mix. Serve or refrigerate to let flavors blend.

    (Obviously, this is another easy dip. I love quick dips where you only have to chop a couple of things. It ups the ‘pretzel factor’ in my mind.)

    The dip was a little too thick at first, so I added a little milk. I would’ve added lemon but I didn’t have any.


    When I first tried the dip I thought “Hmm. Good. This is a Three.” Then I took another bite and I thought, “That’s ridiculous. Clearly it’s a Four.” Fifteen minutes later, Kealoha and I had nearly finished off the whole dip. It was supposed to be an appetizer, but it nearly became our entire dinner. We agreed, hands down, it gets 5 Pretzels.


    Reasons for a 5 Pretzel Rating:

    1. Ease of preparation.

    2.  Munchability.

    3. Continued muncahbility.

    4. Dip is good right away, or it can sit in the fridge and be great later. (Two days later, the dip was still fantastic.)

    5. Versatility. This would be terrific in a veggie sandwich. Think: pita bread, this dip, shredded carrots, cucumbers, chick peas. Oh, mama!


    This is the perfect veggie dip. The dill is really fresh and it has clean crisp flavors. We used thick cucumbers, carrots and celery and some beans from our garden. This would also be great with bagel or pits chips, or in a sandwich.

  2. Dip #3–Chocolate Cloud Dip

    July 21, 2011 by admin

    This dip comes from a fun book for kids called “Little Monsters Cookbook” by Zac Williams. He called it “Monster-in-the-Moat Fondue” but there’s nothing monstery about it unless you put a chopped off finger in there and that would be horrifying. That’s why I re-named it. We’re calling it “Chocolate Cloud Dip” in my house because it’s super fast, creamy, and fluffy like a cloud. Wrong color for a cloud though.


    Yesterday was so hot and the kids wanted a treat. I whipped this up in under three minutes. I’m not kidding. It’s a three-minute snack. AND you can make it while kids cling to your legs.



    1 cup whipping cream

    1/4 cup chocolate drink mix (Nesquick)

    1 tablespoon peanut  butter

    fruit or pretzels for dipping



    1. Put the stuff in a mixing bowl. 2. Mix it until smooth and fluffy.

    That’s it. There’s really nothing more to say. This recipe is so easy it seems like you must be forgetting something.



    We Love LOVE LOVE this! Seriously. We give it 5 out of 5 pretzels. Why? It’s easy. It has three ingredients. The kids love it. AND you could even serve this as a dessert. Seriously. Put a little Grand Marnier in the bottom of a glass with a strawberry in it and pour the mousse over it…just don’t serve that one to the kids. And don’t tell anyone there’s Nesquick in it. That will be our little secret.



    We used strawberries, bananas, and blueberries because that’s what we had in the fridge. You could also do marshmallows, graham crackers, cookies, pretzels, or just use a plain old spoon. It’s so good. Really.

    Here’s proof:

    Two real children really stuffing their faces with fruit and dip